IHP+ structure

All signatories to the IHP+ Global Compact are part of the IHP+ management structure. At country level, IHP+ works through existing partnership coordination mechanisms, facilitated by WHO, World Bank and other partners’ country staff where needed. 

The IHP+ Steering Committee is responsible for setting overall strategic directions and oversight of IHP+. It approves the IHP+ work plan and budget. It approves IHP+ Working Groups, reviews their recommendations and agrees on actions to be taken. It meets twice a year and has 16 members including six countries, four multi-laterals, four bi-laterals and two CSOs.

The Country Health Teams Meeting is a meeting of all IHP+ signatories at least once every two years. Partners review progress to improve development effectiveness in health, share lessons from experience and debate new issues. The last CHTM took place in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2014.

The IHP+ Reference Group supports the IHP+ Core Team in implementing the IHP+ work-plan. It serves as a forum for information exchange and collaboration. Members include senior technical staff from the institutions on the Steering Committee and others. Teleconferences are held alternate months.

IHP+ Working Groups are time-limited groups of technical experts, drawn from countries, agencies and CSOs. The group develops collective guidance and/or recommendations on specific topics related to development effectiveness in health. Working Groups report to the Steering Committee. Currently active groups are the Working Group is on Mutual Accountability, chaired by Tim Martineau, UNAIDS and the Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group chaired by Ties Boerma, WHO. A new Working Group on Financial Management is chaired by Renaud Seligmann of the World Bank.

The IHP+ Core Team is co-hosted by WHO and the World Bank. It manages the IHP+ work plan, budget and communications, under the oversight of the Steering Committee. It takes forward Steering Committee decisions, organizes Steering Committee, Reference Group and Country Health Teams Meetings, and facilitates Working Group meetings. IHP+ mainly works through staff of partner organizations to implement the agreed plan of work

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Executive documents

Here are key documents relating to the executive decision-making, management and strategic planning of the IHP+.

IHP+ Work Plan

2016-2017: Work plan and strategic directions

2014-15:  Work plan and strategic directions

Steering Committee meeting reports

2016: April

2015: November

2015: March

2014: December

2014: June

2014: January

Reference Group meeting reports

2015: 24 September

2015: 26 March

2015: 21 January

2014: 06 November

2014: 04 September

2014: 30 June

2014: 03 June

2014: March

2014: February

Core Team Reports




Archived IHP+ Management Documents