International Health Partnership for UHC 2030

In September 2015 the world moved from focusing on the Millennium Development Goals to the more universal and ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

IHP+ responded to these changes by discussing how best the partnership can contribute to moving towards the health-related SDG. 

The Steering Committee and IHP+ signatories agreed to expand the scope of IHP+ to include health systems strengthening (HSS) towards the achievement of universal health coverage (UHC). It was also agreed to broaden the base of the partnership to respond to the health-related SDGs because they are relevant for all countries, rich and poor. The new partnership will continue the work on improving effective development cooperation in countries receiving external assistance, but also broaden the scope to focus on HSS and domestic spending in all countries.

In September 2016, the Director General of WHO formally announced the establishment of the ‘International Health Partnership for UHC 2030’ at a high-level meeting on 22 September during UNGA in New York. 

The main objectives of the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030 include: 

1) Improve coordination of HSS efforts for UHC at global level, including synergies with related technical networks 

2) Strengthen multi-stakeholder policy dialogue and coordination of HSS efforts in countries, including adherence to IHP+ principles and behaviours in countries receiving external assistance 

3) Facilitate accountability for progress towards HSS and UHC that contributes to a more integrated approach to accountability for SDG3 

4) Build political momentum around a shared global vision of HSS for UHC and advocate for sufficient, appropriate and well-coordinated resource allocation to HSS.

UHC 2030: Working Together to Strengthen Health Systems

The establishment of UHC2030 is well underway. Here is how we have made progress.

Multi-stakeholder consultation in June 2016

To mark the launch of the transformation, the IHP+ organized a multi-stakeholder consultation on 22-23 June in Geneva to get a broader range of views on how to operationalize the objectives of UHC2030.

Official announcement in September 2016

The WHO Director General announced the establishment of UHC2030 during a side event in the margins of the UNGA hosted at the Rockefeller Foundation on 22 September.

UHC2030 meetings in December 2016

As part of the transformation, UHC2030 celebrated UHC Day 2016 with a public event and hosted a meeting on 12-13 December, to foster productive exchange between the various health systems partnerships and actors/agencies, build awareness of UHC2030 and explore how the Partnership can improve collaboration.

This meeting primarily focused on the first two objectives of UHC2030, on health systems coordination at global and country levels, and engaging a range of stakeholders with particular inclusion of health system related partnerships, networks and alliances.

On 12 December, a transitional Steering Committee for UHC2030 met to decide on the governance arrangements and 2017 work plan for the Partnership.

Timeline of events

September 2015

SDG Goal 3 demonstrates a renewed global commitment to health, underpinned by target 3.8 for Universal Health Coverage. It presents an opportunity to promote a comprehensive and coherent approach to health, focusing on health systems. 

November 2015

In the light of SDG Goal 3, the IHP+ Steering Committee recommended that a proposal should be developed to expand IHP+’s mandate to also cover coordination and advocacy aspects of support for HSS and UHC.

March 2016

The World Health Organization and the World Bank wrote a letter to all IHP+ signatories to inform them of a Steering Committee meeting in April to discuss whether IHP+ could be a possible platform to take forward such issues. 

The IHP+ Core Team develops an initial draft concept note.

April 2016

The IHP+ Steering Committee decided to recommend to the IHP+ Signatories to broaden the scope of IHP+ to include facilitating moving towards UHC and better coordinated HSS and offer participation to a broader range of partners. 

An online survey of IHP+ signatories showed that 87% of respondents are very much in favour of IHP+ expanding its mandate. 

May 2016

In response to a second letter from the World Health Organisation and the World Bank, IHP+ signatories agreed to expand the scope of IHP+ on 19th May 2016.

The IHP+ Core Team further develops the concept note (May version).

Civil society develops an options note for engagement with UHC 2030.

G7 Ise-Shime summit communique states support for the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030.

June 2016

The IHP+ Core Team further develops the concept note (June version) 

21 June: the IHP+ Steering Committee decides on key governance issues.

22-23 June: the first multi-stakeholder consultation takes place on operationalizing the objectives of UHC 2030. Agenda - List of Participants - Final report - Photos - Filmed recording of meeting Day one and Day two. 

July - Aug - Sept 2016

Public online consultation on operationalizing the objectives of the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030. This has now closed.

27-28 August: Heads of State and Delegations at the sixth Toykyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV) declare support for the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030. 

11-12 September: G7 Health Ministers reaffirm their support for the International Heath Partnership for UHC 2030.

19 September: launch of questionnaire for CSOs to give their views on the CSO engagement mechanism for the International Heath Partnership for UHC 2030.

22 September: Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO announces the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030 to the broader international community during UNGA high-level week. Watch a video of the event on UHC Day’s Facebook page

December 2016 

12 December: first meeting of the transitional UHC 2030 Steering Committee 

UHC2030 Global Compact paper

UHC2030 Governance arrangements paper

UHC2030 2017 Workplan paper and Workplan in Excel

12 December: Steering committee meeting note for the record

12 December: 18.00 - 19.15 GVA: UHC Day celebration public event. Film of the event

12-13 December: UHC2030 meeting - Working Together to Strengthen Health Systems. Photos

Films of day two event 13 Dec:
Session one 
Session two 
Session three, part one 
Session three, part two

February 2017

6-7 February: Core Team Retreat in Washington DC

March 2017

29 March: Steering Committee Teleconference meeting 

30-31 March:  UHC2030 working group on Sustainability, Transition from Aid and Health System Strengthening face-to-face meeting

April 2017

April 10 deadline: Call for proposals for a literature review on coordination and health systems strengthening in countries under stress.

April 21: UHC2030 event during lunch break of the second Annual UHC Financing Forum, Washington DC, 12:45-14:00 EDT. Presentation of the joint vision paper 'Healthy systems for universal health coverage – a joint vision for healthy lives' and panel discussion with UHC2030 partners.


May 2016 

UHC2030 events at the World Health Assembly Geneva

New UHC2030 Global Compact to be released

June 2016

15-16 June - First UHC2030 Steering Committee Meeting, Geneva