IHP+ inter-agency Working Groups are time-limited and made up of technical experts from among IHP+ partners.

Intensified Action Working Group

This working group will propose how to move forward on the strategic directions identified for IHP+ and how to stimulate and enable action by partners on development cooperation in health at country level.

The group is chaired by Cornelius Oepen from the European Commission, and co-chaired by Guy Tete Benissan, civil society representative from the Network of West African NGO Platforms.

TORs for the Intensified Action Working Group


Mutual Accountability Working Group (MAWG) 

This working group was set up to review and agree the proposed indicators for the fourth round of monitoring of commitments on effective development cooperation through IHP+. 

The group is chaired by Tim Martineau, Chief of Staff, Executive Office at UNAIDS.

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Information and Accountability Working Group (IAWG)

This working group will follow up the inter-agency initiative in 2013-14 which is agreeing on a core set of global indicators for health results and to support  a single information and accountability platform with a shared monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework at country level.

This working group is chaired by Ties Boerma, Director of the WHO Department of Health Statistics and Informatics at WHO.

Financial Management Working Group (FMWG)

The Financial Management Working Group consists of financial management experts from IHP+ development partners and partner countries. It is chaired by Renaud Seligmann, FM Sector Manager at the World Bank.

The working group will:

  • Gather knowledge on good practices for joint approaches to FM harmonization and alignment
  • Synthesize and share this knowledge among development partners and partner countries
  • Facilitate support to the implementation of these joint FM harmonization and alignment approaches.

Terms of Reference for the FMWG             

Members of the FMWG      

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Terms of reference for all IHP+ Technical Working Groups

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