IHP+ encourages partners to work in six areas which help to plan and implement a national health strategy. These are at the heart of IHP+ and change the way that partners work together in countries. 

  • More inclusive national health planning and joint assessment (JANS) processes
  • More unified support to national plans through country compacts
  • One monitoring and evaluation platform to track strategy implementation
  • Greater mutual accountability
  • Improved civil society engagement
  • Harmonized financial management.
Seven Behaviours
Global health leaders strongly support renewed action on these seven behaviours.
Written commitments or country compacts are made by government and development partners.
National health planning & JANS
National health planning and Joint Assessment of National Health Strategies (JANS) is a shared approach.
Financial Management and Procurement
Effective financial management can improve the accountability and efficiency of health services.
Monitoring & Evaluation
A common country platform can monitor and review the implementation of a national health strategy.
Mutual Accountability
Accountability between partners is key to strengthening development cooperation in health.