CSOs play a critical role as stakeholders in policy discussions, planning and budgeting processes, and scrutinizing health sector performance at both country and global level.

Welcome to this webpage where you can find information about civil society engagement in UHC2030.  

As part of the transformation of IHP+ into UHC2030, CSOs are playing a critical role in building their constituency for a strong equity-focused and people-led movement for UHC. 

The Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (CSEM) represents the CSO constituency of UHC2030. During this transition period, an interim group of CSOs with an interim secretariat has been set up until December 2017 when the CSEM will be fully operational. 

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The CSEM has the ambition to strengthen a broad and inclusive UHC movement which can influence policy design and implementation and facilitate citizen-led accountability. Within UHC2030, the CSEM seeks to build strong CSO voices and aim to be a critical contributor to UHC2030, ensuring systematic attention to the needs of the most marginalised and vulnerable populations so that no one is left behind.

For regular information please subscribe to the listserve : UHC2030 CSEM Group 

For any request please contact : ajeantet@ghadvocates.org 

To find out more about how Civil Society engaged with the transformation of IHP+ into UHC2030, please read the concept note from May 2016.