IHP+ encourages strengthening a common country platform for monitoring and reviewing the implementation
of a national health strategy. This is to try to overcome poor quality and incomplete data, and time-consuming reporting processes of different partners.

A strong country-led monitoring and review system is the foundation for policy dialogue, action and mutual accountability. In the IHP+ Global Compact, signatories commit to focus on results and increase the use of shared mechanisms for reporting on progress and reviewing performance. Country compacts almost always make explicit reference to increasing the use of national monitoring and review systems. A framework for monitoring, evaluation and review of national health strategies has been developed through a multi-partner collaboration to highlight what needs to be done and how. There are also signs of more readiness for collective action, and high level support from global health leaders. The challenge is to develop more unified, simpler approaches based on country monitoring platforms in which all parties have confidence.

IHP+ encourages:

  • Use of the national health strategy as the basis for information and accountability
  • Mechanisms such as annual performance reviews as the basis for joint review and action
  • Commitment to greater transparency in resource availability and use in country compacts
  • Country efforts to define roadmaps towards one monitoring platform, whose implementation is supported by all partners
  •  Progressive alignment of development partners’ reporting needs with national reporting systems
  • Documentation of progress and results of moving towards one results monitoring platform.

Data on progress in achieving health priorities, strategies and plans is only useful if it is used in policy debates. Better data is also the foundation for greater accountability.  IHP+ commissioned a synthesis of experiences of conducting Joint Annual Health Sector Reviews in 2012. As part of efforts to promote mutual accountability, IHP+ is also encouraging the routine inclusion of aid effectiveness indicators for review during annual health sector reviews.

Latest progress

At the informal meeting of global health leaders in New York on September 24, 2013, a Working Group on Indicators & Reporting Burden was established. It consists of senior focal points from the participating global health agencies, and is chaired by WHO’s Director General, Margaret Chan. Under the leadership of WHO and the World Bank the technical work is being taken forward, with support from IHP+.

A meeting of the IHP+ Working Group on Information and Accountability (previously the M&E Working Group) and the Working Group on Indicators and Reporting Burden on 27-28 August 2014 in Geneva issued an Outcome Statement and agreed on a list of global reference list of 100 core health indicators

A meeting of Global Health Agency Leaders on 24 September 2014 in New York. They endorsed the meeting outcome statement, committed to promote the use of the list of core indicators and to make further progress on rationalising global reporting requirements.

This was followed by the Summit on Measurement and Accountability for Results in Health in Washington, June 2015, co-hosted by WHO, World Bank and USAID. 

Subsequently the Health Data Collaborative was formed and launched on 9th March 2016. The Health Data Collaborative is taking forward the IHP+ principles to achieve a country-led platform for information and accountability. IHP+ has supported its establishment and operation from the onset, including being a co-sponsor.

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