5 March 2013

With less than 1,000 days until the MDG deadline, global health leaders have identified IHP+ as a good mechanism for improving development effectiveness in health at country level. They made a request to participants at the 4th IHP+ Country Teams Meeting in Nairobi to identify critical areas where more and faster progress is needed and where action by leaders at both global and country levels is required.

At a meeting in New York in September 2012, global health leaders from UN agencies and major donors agreed on the need to improve their harmonization and alignment at country level, with a focus on results.  They also agreed to actively support the IHP+ to achieve its intended aims of increasing development effectiveness in health, as the 2015 MDG deadline approaches. They requested delegates at the 4th IHP+ Country Teams Meeting in Nairobi in December 2012 to identify critical areas where more and faster progress is needed and, specifically, to identify those areas where action is required by leaders at both the global and country level.

Progress and results include the impact that IHP+ has had on improving development effectiveness in health since its launch five years ago, despite the continued global economic crisis. The number of countries signing the IHP+ global compact has increased four-fold, indicative of strong and growing country ownership around national country health plans.

There was disappointment that progress remains too slow, with countries having made more progress than development partners in meeting their development effectiveness targets.  Participants in Nairobi responded to the call from global health leaders, and identified key areas where global action is needed:

  • Strengthen links between development effectiveness, universal health coverage and better health results.
  • Sustain the explicit emphasis on country leadership and achieve real alignment with national health strategies and plans.
  • Increase use of country procurement and financial management systems.
  • Respond more effectively to demands for government and CSO capacity strengthening.
  • Intensify efforts towards greater mutual accountability.
  • Enable greater South-South collaboration.
  • Improve consistency of messages that better alignment gets better results across all levels and forums.

Going forward, in countries where IHP+ principles are established, it is urgent that all major players now deepen their efforts to put these principles fully into practice at national and at sub-national levels. In countries that are not IHP+ signatories, IHP+ principles and approaches can used as a way of working.

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