17 December 2015

Your chance to comment on options for an accountability framework for universal health coverage.

Accountability Framework on UHC

On UHC day Management Sciences for Health announced the paper: "Options for an accountability framework for universal health coverage" which is open for comment and co-sponsored by IHP+.

"Management Sciences for Health (MSH), with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, is working with partners to strengthen accountability for universal health coverage (UHC) at local, national, regional and global levels.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development reaffirmed the global commitment health, underpinned by target 3.8 on UHC and a promise to leave no one behind. Accountability – encompassing the interconnected functions of monitoring, review and remedial action - will be imperative to guide implementation and accelerate progress across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An accountability framework for UHC can provide a coherent, integrated narrative across the SDGs and help to inform the pathway and pace of progress for progressive universalism.

MSH has prepared an options paper as the basis for this consultation. We welcome your collaboration to develop these proposals and join our efforts to strengthen accountability for UHC. The draft options paper is available online, beginning at 2pm EST, on Friday, December 11, 2015.

This consultation is supported by Action for Global Health, International Health Partnership (IHP+), Japan International Cooperation Agency, The Rockefeller Foundation, Save the Children, and World Health Organisation.

Please send feedback using the form, below. Any additional comments or materials can be sent to uhcaccountability@msh.org.

As part of this consultation, we will be hosting a side event during the Prince Mahidol Award Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in January. Please join us for this meeting if possible. The consultation will close on February 1, 2016. We thank you in advance for your input.

Following the consultation process, a revised proposal will be developed and open to other organizations to sign onto. This will be used to inform ongoing discussions about accountability mechanisms for health in the context of the SDGs."

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