19 June 2012

by Elaine Ireland, Sightsavers, Northern Civil Society Representative

IHP+Results aims to hold IHP+ signatories accountable for delivering on their commitments as outlined in the IHP+ Global Compact. It is now in its third round of data collection. After the second round of data collection in 2011, there were concerns that an overly positive picture of CSO engagement with health policy processes, particularly at country level, was being presented. Civil society organizations working in IHP+ signatory countries did not think the situation was as positive as this.

Improving Civil Society engagement with IHP+ Results

In 2011 the IHP+ Mutual Accountability Working Group agreed a revised indicator for IHP+Results to be able to monitor meaningful civil society engagement, including the quality of engagement. In addition, IHP+ Results is keen to ensure that civil society is more actively engaged in the 2012 round of data collection. The team has tried to ensure that civil society organizations in countries taking part are aware of what is happening and have opportunities to contribute.

IHP+ partners taking place in the 2012 process can be found here:

How can civil society get involved with IHP+Results?

Data collection for the current 2012 round of IHP+Results is now complete. IHP+Results is very keen to support civil society engagement to use the scorecards that summarise progress IHP+ partners are making towards their commitments. If you are a civil society organization in one of the countries, or work with any of the Development Partners that are participating in the current round of IHP+ Results, please contact Tim Shorten (tim@human-scale.net) to express your interest and find out how you can contribute.  Key dates to be aware of are:
May 2012  Draft Scorecard will be shared with participants
May – June 2012  Draft Scorecards will be discussed at country- and HQ-levels
mid-July 2012  Sign-off all Partner and Country Scorecards

Once the scorecards for 2012 are finalised, IHP+ Civil Society representatives will explore how we can support countries to make use of the scorecards. This means to hold governments and development partners accountable for meeting their commitments.  If you are interested in being involved in discussions on how to make the best use of the scorecards, please contact the IHP+ civil society representatives:
Mayowa Joel

Elaine Ireland

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