10 March 2016

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CSOs: new postcard and leaflet

IHP+ has produced a new postcard and leaflet for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) who are interested in getting involved with effective development cooperation at country level. It provides brief information about IHP+, about why effective development cooperation matters to your country's health system, and how you can do more. 

Some key messages for CSOs who are interested in getting involved. 

Find out: 

1. If your government is a signatory to IHP+? 

2. Which of your country’s donor agencies are a signatory to IHP+? 

3. Whether these donors are working with each other and the government to support the national health plan? 

You can also: 

4. Mobilise a CSO platform for advocacy. 

5. Advocate for effective development cooperation and coordination principles to be put into practice at both government and donor agency level. 

6. Support the government to choose the right priorities and develop a comprehensive and strong national health plan.

CSO postcard

CSO leaflet

If you wish to receive printed copies of the postcard or flyer, please get in touch: 

info@internationalhealthpartnership.net. They are also available in French. 

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