18 November 2014

The Government of Cambodia and development partners are working more collaboratively to achieve agreed development results that are in line with national and sector plans.

Development Cooperation Trends in Cambodia

The Government of Cambodia has published a new report providing an overview of development cooperation trends in Cambodia. The aim of the paper is to make information and analysis available to all stakeholders, especially the Technical Working Groups, so that their members and other development actors may plan their activities, align their resources and monitor their results to maximum effect. It is hoped that the report will contribute to effective dialogue between partners that leads to greater mutual understanding and improved development results.

Analysis of development assistance trends shows how the profile of external support is changing, manifested in new partnerships emerging, the shift from grant to loan financing and the increased share of funding to infrastructure sectors. This highlights the need to continue the effort to obtain a clear picture of likely funding trends so that planning and budgeting can be undertaken with confidence and certainty.

Read the full report.

Photo: Carol Boender, courtesy of Photoshare

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