16 September 2016

Find out about WHO's new course!

E-learning on health financing for UHC

Do you want to learn more about how health financing policy can support universal health coverage?

WHO has just launched its new online e-learning course and in just six weeks over 1000 people have signed up.

With modules to help you explore key topics such as revenue raising, pooling, purchasing and benefit package design, this course is foundational and designed for participants of various levels of experience and expertise.

The course can be used in a variety of ways: as preparation for those who will attend a WHO face-to-face course, for those who are for various reasons unable to attend a face-to-face course, and for those who have already attended courses and wish to refresh their knowledge. Individual modules can also be used as part of a programme of blended, direct capacity building support to country policy processes.

More information here.

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