23 November 2015

The IHP+ Steering Committee met for the fifth time in Geneva on 18 November 2015 to discuss progress and future work.

Fifth IHP+ Steering Committee Meeting

The objectives of the fifth IHP+ Steering Committee meeting were to:

  • Review and finalize the new strategy approach for IHP+ post-2015
  • Review and agree on IHP+ Work Programme 2016-17
  • Agree on composition on IHP+ Steering Committee for 2016.

Final Agenda 

Final note for the record

Session 1: Introduction, confirmation of co-chairs, objectives of the day 

Co-chairs Amir Hagos, FMOH Ethiopia and Veronique Lorenzo, European Commission

Session 2: IHP+ progress

Finn Schleimann, IHP+ Core Team, presented a brief overview of IHP+ progress

Renaud Seligmann, Practice Manager World Bank, presented an overview of the Financial Management Technical Working Group’s work

Session 3: Presentation from Germany on Health Systems Strenghtening and Japan on Universal Health Coverage and discussion on IHP+’s role

Presentation from Germany, Heiko Warnken, Head of Division BMZ, on Health Systems Strengthening. 

Presentation from Japan, Keizo Takewaka, Deputy Director-General Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Universal Health Coverage and discussion on IHP+’ role.

Presentation from Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO Assistant Director General, presented proposals for Health Systems Strengthening 

Session 4: IHP+ Strategy 2016-17 

The related document will be revised and made available shortly. 

Session 5: IHP+ Work programme 2016-17

The related document will be revised and made available shortly. 

Session 6: Membership of IHP+ Steering Committee

Background paper

Summary of decisions, follow up, upcoming events and close

The Steering Committee meeting was followed by the First Technical Consultation on the Roadmap: ‘Healthy Systems – Healthy Lives’ hosted by Germany & WHO; and a reception, hosted by Germany & IHP+.

Other News