11 September 2014

The current round of IHP+ Results monitoring is well under way.

Fourth round of monitoring of IHP+ commitments: progress so far

The process of data collation started in May 2014 and is now nearly completed. Data verification is now on-going for all 24 countries that are participating. For ten countries, all returns are completed. Seventeen countries have participated in previous monitoring exercises, and seven are involved for the first time. The average number of development partners providing information per country is around eight.

To reinforce the shift to more country-based reporting, the Ministry of Health and development partners agreed locally on participation in this exercise.  Development partner Head Quarters have also encouraged country-based colleagues to engage in the process.

Current feedback on this round is that among the majority of the 24 participating countries it has gone quite well, though it has certainly been easier in some countries than others. The effort to make it more country-grounded has been appreciated, but it is true that the approach has generated different challenges from the 2012 monitoring process, as it requires more iterative dialogue between Ministries of Health and development partners.

The timeline up to the Country Health Teams Meeting is as follows:

September: data analysis and verification; CSO online survey on the role of civil society in mutual accountability is on going. The deadline for completion of the survey has been extended to 19 September. CSOs can complete the survey here:

·         English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CS_Engagement_Survey 

·         French: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/s/CS_Consultation_French

October - November: individual scorecard verification with each country; drafting of overall report and consultations on options paper for mutual accountability.

Late November: score cards finalised and printed. Draft final report ready for the IHP+ Country Health Teams Meeting in December.

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