9 February 2016

International conference on universal health coverage in the new development era: toward building resilient and sustainable health systems

Health systems strengthening and UHC

A meeting took place on 20th January in Geneva to articulate the synergies between initiatives from Japan, Germany and others about health systems strengthening (HSS) and universal health coverage (UHC). Hosted at WHO, participants identified measures to make progress towards UHC, through improving health security and strengthening health systems. 

Presentations included those from the governments of Japan, Germany and Luxemburg, the European Commission and WHO Assistant Director-General Marie-Paule Kieny. Mr Heiko Warnken, from BMZ Germany, suggested an evolution of IHP+ into a global governance model through an UHC Alliance 2030; and similarly Agnès Soucat, Director of Health Systems Financing and Governance at WHO, proposed transforming IHP+ into an UHC Alliance. This would be a platform to accelerate sustainable progress towards UHC for equity and health security and would include promoting adherence to the IHP+ principles and behaviours.

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