3 December 2014

IHP+ partners from 34 countries and 25 development agencies, are currently meeting at the fifth country health teams meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia. All presentations can be found at the end of this article.

IHP+ Fifth Country Health Teams Meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia: Presentations

His Excellency Dr. Mam Bunheng, Minster of Health, opened the meeting by welcoming almost 200 participants and wishing them a fruitful discuss over the next three days. “We are pleased to meet country representatives from all over the world to learn from each other and share the best practices.” His Excellency Khim Bunsong, Governor of Siem Reap Province, spoke of the cultural and historical context of Cambodia.

In 2007, when IHP+ started, Cambodia was one of the first countries to sign the Global Compact. It has been working to improve development cooperation in health using the IHP+ principles as leverage. The Minister of Health acknowledged that IHP+ has been instrumental in supporting the important functions of the Technical Working Group for Health in the recent years. Dr. Bunheng concluded, “Cambodia recognizes that greater health development effectiveness is crucial for accelerating better health results, and thus achieving important national and international health goals.”

The meeting began with a discussion about what effective development cooperation in health might look like post-2015. Moderated by Dr Suwit Wibulpolprasert, Vice Chair, International Health Policy Program Foundation, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, participants asked questions to a panel of donor agencies, government representatives and CSOs.

Issues of trust, reliability, and cooperation were discussed in association with donor alignment and harmonization with country-led systems. Panelists talked about what had worked well as well as what had not been successful and what we should not do in the future. Some key points were that we need to learn lessons and not repeat mistakes from the past. We should not do business as usual, but try to ‘upset’ things a little.

The following days of the meeting explored some of these issues in more detail, and identified ways to achieve greater alignment with country priorities, plans and systems. 

Key messages from the Fifth IHP+ meeting

Day one presentations

Session 1: Setting the scene. Summary of IHP+ key developments over the past two years. 
Session 2a:
Progress on effective cooperation: the latest results of IHP+ monitoring
Methodology on IHP+ monitoring

Session 3: Information and accountability platforms: achievements, challenges, and priorities post 2015.

Outcome statement of the working group on indicators and reporting requirements

Session 4: Development cooperation in different environments: parallel sessions

4a. Effective development cooperation in a world of targeted funding

Burkina Faso presentation
Uganda presentation
Global Fund presentation

4b. Fragile states: what are the priorities for effective cooperation in health

Afghanistan presentation
Chad presentation
Democratic Republic of Congo presentation
European Union presentation

4c. Middle income countries: how does development in health change? What are the priorities for effective development cooperation?
Vietnam presentation
Nigeria presentation
Ivory Coast presentation

4d. Results-based financing and effective cooperation: some country perspectives
Benin presentation
Ethiopia presentation
Burundi presentation
World Bank presentation 

Video about results-based financing

Day two presentations

Session 6: Harmonizing and aligning financial management arrangements: achievements; challenges; priorities post 2015

Financial management harmonization and alignment FAQs and guidance
Financial management harmonization and alignment for results progress to date

World Bank presentation
Senegal presentation
Cambodia presentation
WHO presentation

Session 7: Tools and approaches for effective cooperation: parallel sessions

7a) Experience with joint annual reviews (JAR)

Cambodia CSO engagement presentation
IHP+ presentation
Mozambique presentation
Zambia presentation
Uganda presentation

7b) Experience with joint financial management arrangements / assessments

World Bank presentation
Sierra Leone presentation

7c) Procurement and supply management: progress, challenges, priorities

Myanmar presentation
Guinea Bissau presentation
Ethiopia presentation

7d) South-south cooperation: achievements; challenges; priorities

HERA presentation
El Salvador presentation
Sudan presentation
Japan presentation
Pacific Islands Forum presentation

Session 8: Improving technical assistance in the health sector: current issues and opportunities

Demand and supply of technical assistance and lessons for the health sector

Session 9: Post 2015: evolution of development cooperation and the place of IHP+

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