16 March 2015

Disseminate and use the results from the 2014 monitoring.

IHP+ Monitoring 2014: using the results

We are pleased to share with you the final report of IHP+ 2014 monitoring: 

IHP+ Results: Progress in International health Partnership and related initiatives (IHP+) 2014 Performance Report with the associated scorecards.

This is the fourth monitoring report since the start of IHP+. It assesses progress in meeting commitments of IHP+ partners to principles of effective development cooperation in health.

The report is available here and the scorecards are here. Executive summaries of the report are available in English, French (see French version of this page), Portuguese and Spanish

Printed copies will be shipped to IHP+ signatories this month.

Please disseminate these results and use the findings to stimulate dialogue within and among partners.

Possible ways to use the results:

For Ministries of Health in developing countries

o  Include in the agenda (or organize a special meeting) of the Health Sector Coordination Committee (or equivalent) to discuss the findings and agree how to follow them up.

o  Use existing analytic reviews (such as the upcoming Joint Annual Health Sector Review, compact review or mid-term health sector review) or work among partners to analyse the reasons why there has been limited progress in some areas.

o  Organise frank discussions on the findings and identify what actions are needed and by whom to improve performance, so they can be included in operational plans for the coming year.

For development agencies

o  At Headquarters, hold internal discussions with senior management on the findings including the agency scorecard.

o  Disseminate the findings to the regional and country level offices.

o  Encourage country level offices to engage in reviews and discussions organized by Ministries of Health in relevant countries, to identify how to improve performance.

For Civil Society Organizations

o  Identify your country’s performance: find out how your government and development partners are performing by looking at the global report and scorecards. 

o  Communicate findings: spread the word about the results of the monitoring process in your country.

o  Hold dialogue: use the report and scorecards to engage in dialogue in collaborative processes with your government and development partners.

o  Encourage the use of the indicators: advocate for effective cooperation indicators to be included in country monitoring systems.

Do you need support?

IHP+ can provide support for further analysing and using the findings. Please contact the Core Team if any of the following are of interest:

o  Technical support on how to make good use of the monitoring findings, for example to facilitate discussions and follow up at country level among stakeholders;

o  Help analyse and document the reasons why there is limited progress and support the development of agreed steps to follow up at country level;

o  Inter-country (e.g. sub-regional) meetings or exchanges to review the findings and how they can be used to stimulate more efficient development cooperation; 

o  For countries that did not participate in the 2014 monitoring round, support carrying out this type of monitoring and integrating  it in country processes.

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