31 October 2015

IHP+ issues a request for proposals for the new round of monitoring in 2016.

IHP+ Monitoring 2016: Request for Proposals

Four rounds of independent monitoring of the IHP+ have taken place since 2007, with the aim to provide information and data for mutual accountability at global and country level. In 2014 the approach to IHP+ monitoring was focused at the country-level with Ministries of Health leading on data collation for both governments and development partners. While this country-based approach was welcomed, there remains a need to make mutual accountability processes more effective at influencing behaviour. 

In order to provide a basis for remedial action, greater understanding is needed of reasons why change is or is not happening, both in governments and agencies. This goes beyond the scorecards and quantitative assessments. Raising the profile of the monitoring findings (including at global level) is also important to generate more pressure for behaviour change.

Following discussions within the IHP+ Mutual Accountability Working Group and consultations within the IHP+ Intensified Action Working Group, it was agreed that the fifth monitoring round of effective development cooperation (EDC) in health will have the following features: 

  • monitoring remains voluntary
  • it is not limited to IHP+ signatories, in order to include all relevant players at country level
  • monitoring of development cooperation practices in individual countries will be based at country level, with the aim to institutionalise processes of data collection and discussion of findings for improved mutual accountability
  • it will combine quantitative data and qualitative information to better understand reasons for and barriers to behaviour change
  • it will include an analysis of agencies’ policies, practices and procedures to assess compliance with the EDC practices.

On 29 October 2015, WHO on behalf of the IHP+ Core Team, published a Request For Proposals (RFP) seeking qualified contractors to undertake work in up to 30 countries, using a standardised methodology, to:

  • Collate, analyse and report on EDC performance and practice in such a way that will stimulate both country dialogue as well as facilitate synthesis and global reporting at a later stage;

  • Facilitate discussion between in-country partners of findings on performance, obstacles and potential remedial action in order to promote mutual accountability, effective development cooperation and ultimately better results.

  • Promote the sustainability of future monitoring and discussion of mutual accountability and EDC, within acceptable transaction costs;

It is expected that a separate, additional review of donors’ policies and practices will be conducted during 2016, and the results of both country and global assessments will be used to produce the next global IHP+ performance report (also to be contracted separately). 

Expressions of interest to submit a bid responding to this RFP should be submitted to WHO by no later than 13 November 2015.  Proposals must be received at WHO at the address specified in section 4.8 Sealing and marking of proposals of the RFP no later than 11 December 2015, 17:00 hours, Geneva time.

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