19 January 2017

How effective is development cooperation in health?

IHP+ monitoring results: Comoros and Pakistan

Results from the IHP+ fifth monitoring round are beginning to be discussed at multi-stakeholder meetings at country level, with Comoros and Pakistan being the first countries to complete the process and publish results. 

The fifth IHP+ monitoring round has tracked eight effective development cooperation practices in the health sector using indicators for both IHP+ governments and for IHP+ Development Partners. This broadly mapped onto the Seven Behaviours, a focus of IHP+ since 2013.  

Thirty countries signed up for the 2016 monitoring round, a 30% increase over the fourth round. Data collection included both quantitative and qualitative information. In addition to government and development partners, the qualitative survey also included civil society and private sector.

All findings will be published on a country-by-country basis once the results have been discussed at the country multi-stakeholder meeting. Main findings of the 2016 monitoring round will feed into the IHP+ Global Monitoring Report, together with other work streams such as the ongoing performance review of development partners.

Multi-stakeholder engagement

Comoros held a meeting of over 60 key country stakeholders to discuss monitoring findings, demonstrate commitment and accountability and identify next steps. The meeting took place in Moroni on 7 November 2016 and included representatives from government, bilaterals, multilaterals, civil society and the private sector. 

Honorable Moussa Mahoma, Minister of Health and Vice-President of Comoros, Mr. Djaffar Ahmed Said Hassani expressed their satisfaction with the monitoring process and thanked WHO and IHP+ for its support since 2014, and for the technical and financial support that allowed this meeting to take place. The Vice President called on all partners to, “Change the way we work to achieve better results as we all engage in IHP+”. 

Final report (in French)
Powerpoint presentation (in French)
Scorecard of results (in French)

Pakistan held a multi-stakeholder meeting on 2 November 2016 to present key findings and agree on actions to improve practices and accountability. Representatives from the Ministry of Heath, GIZ, World Bank, WHO, JICA, KFW, USAID, UNICEF, UNAIDS and UNFPA attended. Discussions highlighted this was the first time for Pakistan to participate in IHP+ monitoring; and people agreed that this country-based approach demonstrated the need to improve routine monitoring of health sector cooperation. 

Mutual accountability was a key topic. The absence of institutional mechanisms to coordinate the roles of the private sector and of civil society was also highlighted. The group decided on several routes of action in the short and long term.

Final report
Powerpoint presentation
Scorecard of results

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