5 May 2015

The group met to discuss the findings from the IHP+ 2014 round of monitoring, and how to promote using the results.

IHP+ Mutual Accountability Working Group meet in Geneva

The meeting of the IHP+ Mutual Accountability Working Group (MAWG) allowed members to review lessons from the 2014 round of monitoring, discuss how best to use the findings, and begin to consider IHP+’s role in monitoring and mutual accountability post 2015. 

In addition to members of the MAWG, there were country-based participants and consultants who had played a role in recent IHP+ monitoring. The meeting was chaired by the MAWG chair, Tim Martineau of UNAIDS.

IHP+ encourages all partners to share the findings from 2014 monitoring, at country, regional and agency levels, and use them to promote action. The IHP+ Core Team will also disseminate the findings and offer support for use of the findings.

The IHP+ Core Team will work up the ideas for future monitoring and accountability, based on discussions in the meeting and broader strategic thinking on the future of IHP+. This will include engaging with the Global Partnership for Effective Cooperation (GPEDC) and post-2015 processes.  Proposals will be presented to the IHP+ Steering Committee for approval.  

Summary of discussions from the meeting

How to use the IHP+ monitoring results

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