4 October 2012

Strengthening accountability to achieve the health MDGs

The new IHP+Results Annual Report was launched on 4th October 2012. 

This third Annual Report has two objectives: 

1) to provide up-to-date data on the implementation of aid effectiveness commitments in the health sector by IHP+ signatories, including notable changes or trends since 2005-7;

2) to reflect on what the IHP+ has achieved, to inform a wider debate on health sector aid effectiveness. 

The report contains 36 scorecards representing data reported by 19 developing countries and 17 development partner agencies, using a methodology agreed by the IHP+ Signatories.  Data collection took place between February and April 2012, followed by analysis and production of the scorecards and report. The number of countries who participated in the monitoring process has nearly doubled since 2010, indicating interest and value in generating performance information on results.  IHP+Results’ 2010 Performance Report contained data from 10 developing countries and 15 development agencies.  

The full report is available online at IHP+Results, in both English and French. The Executive Summary is available in Spanish.  

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