28 May 2014

All IHP+ signatories were invited to participate in the 2014 IHP+ Monitoring process.

IHP+ Results Monitoring Round 2014

To reinforce the shift to more country-based reporting, the Ministry of Health and development partners agreed locally on participation in this exercise. There was a tremendous response:

25 countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America have replied saying they wish to participate. Of these, 17 have participated before and eight are involved for the first time.

Development Partners have committed to support the exercise, including by encouraging their country office colleagues to engage in the process.

At the last IHP+ Country Health Teams Meeting in December 2012, partners agreed that monitoring should continue but be adapted to be more country-based (Meeting Report). We have made important changes to this round of monitoring to:

1.  Make the exercise less time-consuming

2.  Strengthen domestic accountability for results

3.  Reinforce links with the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC). 

The IHP+Results consortium began the process of data collation in May using an MS Excel based survey tool. Participants will be supported with detailed guidance and a helpdesk function. Countries have six weeks to submit data.  Here is an overview of the process and timeframe.

April: country-level decisions on participation 

May - July: data collection 

July-September: data analysis and scorecards

Late November: final report translated and printed 

IHP+ Results Consortium

The IHP+ Results Consortium will support the monitoring process and produce the global report. It is led by hera (Health Research for Action, Belgium), together with itad, Development Initiatives, and CHESTRAD.

The consortium is following up directly with countries that have chosen to participate. 

IHP+ Results: Leo Deville leo.deville@hera.eu Tim Shorten tjshorten@gmail.com

IHP+ Results Helpdesk: helpdesk@ihpplusresults.org 

IHP+ Core Team: Phyllida Travis travisp@who.int Finn Schleimann fschleimann@worldbank.org

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