11 April 2016

Members met in Geneva 8 April 2016

IHP+ Steering Committee Meeting

The sixth IHP+ Steering Committee Meeting took place in Geneva on 8 April, 2016: final agenda and note for the record.

Amir Hagos from the Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia and Jane Edmondson from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) co-chaired the meeting, which was hosted by the Global Fund at their offices. 

The main topic of discussion was the new proposal of a Universal Health Coverage (UHC) partnership/alliance 2030. The name is not yet decided but for ease of discussion, UHC 2030 was used during the meeting.

Please see the revised concept note here and a background letter from the World Bank and the World Health Organization. 

Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General of WHO introduced the concept of UHC 2030. Presentation 

Keizo Takewaka from Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented the G7 discussion about UHC 2030. Presentation 

Marjolaine Nicod, WHO Coordinator for IHP+ presented information about the history and experience of IHP+ so far. Presentation

Representatives from Cambodia, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia spoke about their experiences of being part of IHP+, talking about the value of different IHP+ tools at country level, such as Joint Assessments of National Strategies, Joint Annual Reviews, Public Financial Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. 

Jane Edmondson from DFID, and Dr. Dagmar Lohan from Germany BMZ presented their perspectives, about the potential purpose of a UHC alliance/partnership, including Health Systems Strengthening. 

Finally, IHP+ core team shared results from a survey of country-level IHP+ signatories who were asked about a change in the mandate of IHP+. Eighty-seven percent of respondents said they were "very much in favour of IHP+ expanding its mandate to also cover issues of coordination, advocacy and accountability in relation to Health Systems Strengthening and Universal Health Coverage".

The Steering Committee discussed next steps for this process. The note for the record is available here.  

Main decision:

The IHP+ Steering Committee decides to recommend to the IHP+ Signatories to broaden the scope of IHP+ to include facilitating moving towards UHC and better coordinated HSS and offer participation of a broader range of partners.

Please see the slides of the agreed final decision and 'next steps'.

Next steps: 

13th April: Global Health Leader’s meeting discuss support for UHC 2030

End April: Agreement/no objection from IHP+ Signatories

May: G7 may recommend IHP+ transformation to UHC 2030

21st June: IHP+ Steering Committee decides on composition of the UHC 2030 Steering Committee, other key governance issues & the content of the global compact.

22nd to 23rd June: Multi stakeholder consultation on UHC 2030 including a focus on fragile states as an example of how to work together

September: ”UHC 2030 – the New IHP+” launched during UNGA in NYC.

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