5 January 2015

Members of the IHP+ steering committee met for the third time in Geneva to discuss progress.

IHP+ Third Steering Committee Meeting

The third IHP+ Steering Committee Meeting took place on 12 December 2014 at WHO in Geneva, Switzerland.

The note for the record is available here.

Here are the background documents and presentations to the meeting:

Session 1: Agenda, introduction, objectives of the day. 

Session 2: IHP+ Country Health Teams Meeting feedback and main messages 

Session 3: Main findings from 4th round of monitoring of aid effectiveness commitments

                Powerpoint Presentation

Session 4: The case for a multi-agency fund to support southern CSO engagement in policy dialogue 

               Powerpoint presentation

Session 5: Procurement and supply chain management: potential roles for IHP+

                Powerpoint presentation

Session 6: Improving technical assistance: issues and opportunities 

                a. Background note

                b. Demand and supply of technical assistance

                Powerpoint presentation

Session 7: Global aid architecture post 2015 and the place of IHP+ 

                Powerpoint presentation

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