14 March 2016

Liberia to sign IHP+ global compact soon.

IHP+ welcomes Liberia

Liberia has recently joined IHP+ as a partner and will become a formal signatory to the global compact in the coming months.

Liberia is currently transitioning from post-Ebola recovery mode to designing long-term resilient health systems. The Ministry of Health intends to use the IHP+ principles, approaches and support to help improve donor coordination and to jointly work with development partners to strengthen its systems. This includes financial management, monitoring and evaluation, resource tracking mechanisms, and technical assistance, as well as creating a Country Compact between the government and its partners.

The Ministry of Health having previously established a Health Sector Coordinating Committee and implemented a Pool Fund of five donors since 2008, is already familiar with, and has put into practice, some of the IHP+ principles. This includes coordinated donor support for the national health strategic plan, coordination of resources to fund priorities, and a common implementation approach for programme management and fiduciary arrangements. However a significant amount of donor support (about 75%) remains off-budget with various parallel implementation arrangements. 

The Ministry of Health wishes to align donor support with the priorities of the National Health Strategic Plan, and achieve efficiency gains by minimizing duplication of funding and parallel implementation arrangements. A key part of this new approach is to put into practice the IHP+ principles in the health sector. 

IHP+ warmly welcomes Liberia to the partnership, and looks forward to the collaboration. 

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