28 May 2015

IHP+ welcomes Japan as a new signatory and partner.

Japan signs IHP+ Global Compact

On 27 May 2015, IHP+ welcomed Japan as a new signatory to the IHP+ Global Compact. H.E. Ambassador Misako Kaji, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva, signed the compact with WHO Director-General Margaret Chan and Selina Jackson, Special Representative of the World Bank to the United Nations and World Trade Organization in attendance. 

The Global Compact sets out the goals and approaches of IHP+. Signatories make collective and individual commitments to adhere to agreed effective development cooperation principles in the health sector, by supporting country and government-led national health plans in a well-coordinated way.

WHO DG Margaret Chan welcomed Japan as a new IHP+ signatory, noting the increasing number of IHP+ partners. She stressed the importance of one national health plan, one budget and one report, while development partners can choose what they fund within the agreed plan and budget. She also spoke about the fact that countries are making progress faster than development partners in effective development cooperation in health. In addition, she said that IHP+ is about using aid effectively and that external resources can be directed more efficiently towards universal health coverage  (UHC). Selina Jackson indicated that strategic partnership and coordination are already part of Japan’s 2013 Global Health Diplomacy Strategy, and that this is reflected in the decision to join IHP+. She congratulated Japan for joining and said she looked forward to working with them in the future. 

H.E. Ambassador Kaji spoke about the significance of Japan’s joining of IHP+. “Japan prioritizes global health in its foreign policy, and contributes to realizing a world where all people can obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship, in other words, a world where UHC is achieved, by fully mobilizing Japan’s knowledge and expertise. To realize such a world, we have a lot to do. One area Japan is actively engaging in is the collaboration with other development partners as well and regional and global initiatives.” 

“As IHP+ welcomes new members each year and increases its importance, we expect IHP+ to take a central role in health development cooperation. Japan would like to further promote people-centered development cooperation in the health aid sector through the participation to IHP+, and hope to learn more from the other participating countries and organizations. Japan is committed to make meaningful and intellectual contributions. We sincerely appreciate your warm welcome, and look forward to working together,” she said.

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