13 October 2016

Collaboration among development partners and government

Joint Financial Management Assessments in Liberia and Sudan

Effective financial management in countries is key to improve the accountability and efficiency of health services and achieve better results. In many low-income countries, the health system receives funding from multiple sources with different accounting systems, reporting formats, controls and criteria for release of funding and different audit requirements. 

Consequently, overview and control of the use of resources are muddled, resulting in weak transparency and accountability and less efficiency. Additionally, the transaction costs of managing multiple financial management systems are considerable, taking up managers’ time that could be better used to improve service delivery. 

Joint Financial Management Assessments (JMFAs) are part of the process to solve some of these problems and have recently taken place in Liberia and Sudan. 


Seven development partners - Global Fund, UNICEF, IrishAid, EU, UNFPA, USAID and the World Bank - collaborated to conduct a joint financial management assessment (JFMA) of the health sector in April 2016. The assessment was coordinated by IHP+ at the request of the Liberia Health and Social Welfare Ministry (MoHSW). Aiming to build on the results of the assessment to strengthen country systems for implementing health projects financed by development partners, the MoHSW plans to hold stakeholder consultation in October 2016 to discuss the recommendations and next steps.

Read the Liberia Health Sector JFMA Report 2016 


Five development partners - GAVI, Global Fund, UNICEF, WHO, and the World Bank - collaborated with the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) to conduct a health sector joint financial management assessment in June 2016. The assessment was well received and the FMoH plans to hold a stakeholder workshop in before the end of 2016 to discuss the recommendations and draft an action plan for implementation.

Read the Sudan Health Sector JFMA Report 2016na 

Financial Management harmonization

IHP+ offers a country-tested approach to FM harmonization based on three main principles:

  1. Development partners align with country systems whenever they meet the minimum acceptable level 
  2. Harmonize procedures among development partners, if alignment is not possible
  3. Support the implementation of a joint action plan that strengthens the national system, to enable alignment with the country system in the future.

Watch our short film about financial management, harmonization and alignment.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Management Harmonization.

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