23 January 2014

Myanmar’s Minister of Health, Professor Pe Thet Khin signed the IHP+ Global Compact during the first day of WHO’s Executive Board meeting in Geneva, on 20 January 2014.

Myanmar the 34th country to sign the IHP+ Global Compact

Myanmar’s Minister of Health, Professor Pe Thet Khin signed the IHP+ Global Compact during the first day of WHO’s Executive Board meeting in Geneva, on 20 January 2014. On behalf of the World Bank and WHO (who host the IHP+ secretariat) and other IHP+ partners, Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, welcomed Myanmar to the Partnership. Dr Chan told the Minister that Myanmar provides the global health community with the perfect opportunity “to get aid effectiveness right” - since Myanmar has only recently opened up to outside investment. She urged the Myanmar government to take the leadership role at country level, and insist on external partners backing the country’s priorities.

Myanmar’s signing to the Global Compact follows other efforts by the country to improve aid effectiveness through IHP+. In August 2013, an IHP+ mission to Myanmar reviewed how current mechanisms to improve harmonization and alignment with government priorities are working, identified opportunities for improvement, and developed recommendations on practical next steps that can be taken over the short-term. The President of Myanmar has made health a clear national priority; he has recently set up a Committee to take forward the health reform agenda, coordinating across several ministries.

In January 2014, World Bank President Jim Kim attended the Second Myanmar Development Cooperation Forum. Dr Kim invited the President of Myanmar to attend the Spring Meetings of the World Bank/IMF and present its strategic directions in health; this is an opportunity to get development partners to explicitly commit to aligned support for those priorities.

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