24 February 2016

Find out about IHP+ strategic direction and work programme for 2016-2017.

New IHP+ strategic direction and work programme

The new IHP+ strategic direction and work programme for 2016-2017 has now been approved and finalised by the Steering Committee. The final documents can be found here:

IHP+ Strategic Direction 2016-2017

IHP+ Work Programme 2016-2017

The main action for IHP+’s strategic direction is as follows:

Global level action:

Maintain and increase political profile:

Emphasize the Seven Behaviours, leveraging IHP+ signatories and maintaining a strong Core Team 

Publish regularly a global report on State of Effective Development Cooperation in Health 

Incorporate emerging economies and private sector 

Update the Global Compact to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) context 

Strengthen documentation and communication activities.

Country level action:

Promote effective development cooperation:

Provide a platform for coordination of support to systems strengthening, and promote joint approaches to systems strengthening, including monitoring and information, financial management and procurement systems. 

Intensified action in selected countries  

Adapt and tailor IHP+ approach and tools to different contexts, particularly for fragile states and for countries transitioning to middle income status.  

Strengthen mutual accountability systems in countries 

Continue support for Compacts, JANS, coordinated technical assistance (TA) and south-south
cooperation (SSC), and engagement of civil society  

Take up new areas: aid coordination in countries transitioning from low-income to middle-income status, and joint approach to salary top-ups and allowances.


The 2016-2017 work programme for the International Health Partnership (IHP+) is based on the planned strategic directions. The work programme follows the structure of the Strategic Directions paper and should be read in conjunction with this. It identifies activities and milestones for each area of work. Once approved by the IHP+ Steering Committee, the work programme will be implemented in line with the resources and capacity available.


Photo: © 2015 Girdhari Bora for IntraHealth International, Courtesy of Photoshare

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