28 May 2015

On 30 March 2015, Pakistan CSOs Coalition for Health and Immunization discussed IHP+ during its quarterly meeting.

Pakistan civil society coalition discusses IHP+ seven behaviours

Faster progress in development cooperation in health requires action by all development partners - governments, CSOs, the private sector and international development partners. This was a key message to come out of a meeting of the Pakistan CSOs Coalition for Health and Immunization (PCCHI) on 30 March 2015.

The PCCHI meets regularly to update members on current health issues, develop a joint strategy and have a collective voice on matters of strategic importance. Dr. Rozina Mistry, the IHP+ global southern civil society representative gave a succinct presentation on IHP+, its historical evolution and rationale. She also shared information about the 'seven behaviors' of IHP+ with emphasis on the role of the civil society in facilitating its implementation.

Most of the civil society members attending had not heard about IHP+ and were impressed with the tall agenda of IHP+ and the challenges partners face in achieving the goals. Civil society members expressed their commitment to play an active role in the development and institutionalization of IHP+ in the country. They felt it was important to learn more about IHP+ in order to perform an active role in the health systems of Pakistan. PCCHI members are very vibrant and wish ensure accountability in the health system through proactive participation. 


Pakistan CSOs Coalition for Health and Immunization (PCCHI) is a coalition of civil society organizations established under the rubric of GAVI type B funding. It works to strengthen immunization coverage in all provinces of Pakistan through social mobilization, service delivery and capacity building interventions. The CSOs of PCCHI have independent community development programmes in their respective geographical areas along with specific focus on increasing immunization coverage and improving maternal and child care. PCCHI works in harmony with Federal and Provincial Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) and district health departments to complement each other’s efforts for increasing immunization coverage in Pakistan. PCCHI is also striving to broaden its focus from immunization-related matters to more health system strengthening approaches.  

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