22 June 2016

Seventh IHP+ Steering Committee Meeting

Steering Committee Meeting

The seventh IHP+ Steering Committee meeting took place on 21 June in Geneva. 

Following unanimous agreement for transformation by all IHP+ partners in response to the 4 May letter from WHO and the World Bank,the seventh IHP+ Steering Committee met on the 21st June to discuss the transformation of IHP+ into UHC 2030 with consideration of implications for functions, scope of work and expected outcomes as well as key governance and working arrangements. 

The note for the record is now available.

Here are the key decisions and actions from the Steering Committee meeting. 

The framing of functions (as per the Concept Note – draft 17th June). 

The Core Team is requested to:

  • Refine the functions to align them with objectives
  • Translate the functions into an updated workplan for 2017, with clear and measurable deliverables (showing value added), focusing on quick wins to demonstrate progress / value added while longer-term work programme is developed
  • Further explore how collaboration among various partnerships can work in practice.


  • The International Health Partnership for UHC 2030.

Steering Committee:

  • Time-bound transitional arrangement: continuation of current members with additional interested members as observers (Core Team to work on identifying potential observers such as Middle-Income Countries, private sector, foundations etc)
  • Be clear about role: what it does and what it does not do (terms of reference).

Global Compact:

  • Draft new Global Compact to advise on the extent of change from the existing Compact
  • Depending on the extent of change, decide if addendum will be appropriate as an option for existing signatories.


  • The Intensified Action Working Group will be reconvened with time-bound terms of reference to assist the Core Team with the transitional Steering Committee and revised Global Compact.

Agenda and presentations

Update on ongoing work: IHP+ results and monitoring

Joint PFM assessments

Discussion on operationalizing UHC 2030: functions, scope of work and expected outcomes

Civil society organisation engagement mechanism in IHP for UHC 2030

Background papers

Background note on Transforming IHP+ into UHC 2030: Adjustments in Governance and Working Arrangements

Note for the engagement of civil society in UHC 2030

Revised UHC 2030 concept note: June 2016 

Consultation process

A multi-stakeholder consultation process took place on 22-23 June 2016, and can be viewed in retrospect through videos of both days.

Please take part in our online consultation about the transformation of IHP+ into the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030.

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