22 July 2014

Ministries of Health and Finance, Development Partners and Civil Society Organizations have signed a country compact in Sudan to promote development effectiveness in health.

Sudan signs country compact

Sudan has signed a country compact on health with signatories from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, over ten different Development Partners and a range of national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

The signing took place on 15th July 2014 in Khartoum and represents months of negotiation and hard work by those committed to improving development cooperation in health. 

The Minister of Health said,  “The signing of the health compact is a significant step towards providing an environment of confidence and trust between different actors in the health sector for better results…By signing the Health Compact, which reflects the scope of the Paris Declaration and subsequent international agreements by focusing on ownership, alignment, harmonization, management for results and mutual accountability, we affirm our full commitment as a government to implement all our commitments. We will spare no efforts to improve the effectiveness of development cooperation for the health sector.” 

Signing the compact shows national dedication and commitment to improving development cooperation, which is a significant shift considering the fragmentation of the past. Imad Kayona, from the Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan said, “We believe that the development and signing of the health compact is another success story for partners under IHP+, taking into consideration the long history of lack of trust and fragmented approach towards supporting the health sector in Sudan.” 

A representative from CSOs who signed the compact emphasized working in partnership, saying, “Strong partnerships are based on trust, equality and transparency. Building strong partnerships requires a change in mentality within the different partners, with an honest recognition of the value and importance of partnership at the local level.” 

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