5 May 2016

Broadening the mandate of IHP+. An online survey with country IHP+ signatories gives a positive result.

Survey results say ‘Yes’

Yes, we want to broaden the scope of IHP+ to cover issues in relation to Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

This was the overwhelming message from country-level IHP+ signatories, shown from the results of an online survey conducted in April 2016. 

A huge majority of 87% of respondents was very much in favour of IHP+ expanding its mandate to include issues of coordination, advocacy and accountability in relation to HSS and UHC. No respondents were not in favour at all, 3% were not much in favour and 10% were somewhat in favour. 

The sense of building on what IHP+ has already achieved was strong. Respondents commented: 

“UHC is a global challenge, like attaining the SDGs. It must build on the achievements of IHP + to meet these new challenges. Do not create other alliances because IHP + is already an alliance.”

“From the moment signatory countries move towards UHC, a widening of the activities of IHP + to UHC seems relevant.”

“The broadening of the activities related to UHC has a certain added value and will allow IHP+ to better plan efforts and obtain results.”

With the backing of the country IHP+ signatories and the steering committee, we will move forward with planning the new focus on IHP+. 

Please visit our new web page about the transformation of IHP+ for latest progress and next steps. 

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