21 May 2013

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim reconfirms shared commitment to IHP+

World Bank President on IHP+ at the World Health Assembly

In his plenary speech entitled "Poverty, Health and the Human Future," World Bank President Jim Yong Kim reminded the audience about the perils of fragmentation and encouraged all stakeholders to take immediate action to address it. He stated:

"The fragmentation of global health action has led to inefficiencies that many ministers here know all too well: parallel delivery structures; multiplication of monitoring systems and reporting demands; ministry officials who spend a quarter of their time managing requests from a parade of well-meaning international partners.

This fragmentation is literally killing people. Together we must take action to fix it, now.

Aligning for better results is the approach of the International Health Partnership, or IHP+. And it’s gaining momentum. Earlier today, Director-General Margaret Chan and I took part in an IHP+ meeting. It’s inspiring to see more and more countries taking charge, setting the agenda based on strong national plans, and making development partners follow the lead of governments.

We are reconfirming our shared commitment to IHP+ as the best vehicle to implement development effectiveness principles and support countries driving for results. But, honorable ministers, we must hold each other accountable. We all have to be ready to pound the table and demand that we stop the deadly fragmentation that has hindered the development of your health systems for far too long. The stakes are high and the path will be difficult, but I know we can do it."

Click here to read the entire speech.

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