Experiences of aid effectiveness and development cooperation in the health sector are increasing. Evidence and lessons are documented in different ways including through individual country reports, syntheses of experience with new tools, and global monitoring processes.

2016 Monitoring Round
Introducing the fifth round of IHP+ Monitoring for 2016
JANS Lessons
Findings show that JANS is a useful tool for countries to strengthen their national health strategy.
Results of past monitoring of IHP+ commitments
IHP+Results is an independent consortium which carries out regular evidence-based assessment of IHP+.
Country Compacts Lessons
Country compacts or partnership agreements are leading to different ways of working.
M&E Lessons
Country examples of Monitoring and Evaluation Assessments and Roadmaps can be found here.
Lessons from effective development cooperation in health
Lessons about effective development cooperation in health and emerging messages for policy makers.