Since the launch of IHP+ in 2007, IHP+Results has emerged and evolved as an intervention of IHP+. IHP+Results provides an important function in monitoring the performance of IHP+ signatories’ implementation of their commitments as set out in the IHP+ Global Compact. The 2014 monitoring framework was developed in consultation with and signed off by IHP+ signatories.


A short-term review of progress, was published less than a year after the signing of the Global Compact in September 2007. The first round of formal IHP+ monitoring was conducted by IHP+Results in 2009.

After that a consortium led by Re-Action, consisting of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Oxfam GB managed three monitoring rounds, each concluding in the publication of a performance report.

A different consortium was contracted to manage the fourth round of monitoring.  This consortium was led by hera, in partnership with Itad, Development Initiatives and CHESTRAD