Since IHP+ began in 2007, partner agencies and countries have worked together to produce a range of tools, guidelines and frameworks to support the work that takes place at country level. Many of the tools can be used by anyone, not just IHP+ partners.

Global Compact
All IHP+ partners sign the Global Compact and commit to follow development cooperation principles.
Country Planning Database
The Country Planning Cycle Database provides dynamic and contextual information for 196 countries.
JANS tool and guidelines
Joint Assessment of National Health Strategies (JANS) Tool helps to strengthen joint efforts.
One Health Tool
The OneHealth tool is a single framework for planning, costing, impact analysis, budgeting and financing of health strategies.
Monitoring & Evaluation Platform
Key features of sound country-led M&E and review of health sector progress.
Financial Management Assessment
Recommendations for harmonization and joint assessment of country financial management systems.
Survey tools for 2016 monitoring
Forthcoming: an independent, structured survey tool for monitoring progress on health aid effectiveness among IHP+ partners.