A fifth round of monitoring of progress against commitments to effective development cooperation is underway. The 2016 IHP+ monitoring process will be managed by a consortium led by hera in partnership with Itad. The consortium will circulate, as soon as possible, detailed guidance on what IHP+ signatories will need to do to participate. 

The current survey tools and guidance are below: 

  • The main guide for participants
  • The data collection tools for
    • government (quantitative tool, standard qualitative tool, humanitarian aid qualitative tool)
    • development partners (standard qualitative tool, humanitarian aid qualitative tool, humanitarian aid qualitative tool for the Cluster Coordinating Agency, standard quantitative tool, humanitarian aid quantitative tool, humanitarian aid quantitative tool for the Cluster Coordinating Agency)
    • civil society organisations (qualitative tool)
    • private sector (qualitative tool).

Please note that the Humanitarian Aid Survey is only applicable to a selection of countries, where humanitarian aid for health has been significant in the fiscal year 2013 or 2014. Please find the list and criteria here.

Click on the file to access the download link.

For the tools in Portuguese and Spanish, please contact the IHP+R helpdesk at helpdesk@ihpplusresults.org 

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