12 décembre 2012

“The International Health Partnership has played a catalytic role in delivering more and better health aid"

“We can point to some remarkable progress towards reaching the MDGs. But as the 2015 deadline approaches, the landscape of public health is still in a mess, with too much competition and fragmentation among the various actors and agencies.” This was the message from Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO, speaking on prerecorded film at the opening of the IHP+ Fourth Country Health Sector Teams Meeting. She continued, “Getting both domestic and external resources aligned behind one sound national health plan is the most pragmatic way to handle fragmentation.”

Through IHP+, partners around the world are working to do just this. Yet progress is not happening fast enough to ensure the health MDGs will be met by 2015. World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, also via a prerecorded film, said, “The International Health Partnership has played a catalytic role in delivering more and better health aid. But still too many people are left out of the health system. Progress on harmonization and alignment remains too slow. We can and must do better.”

This fourth IHP+ meeting (11 – 14 December 2012) is significant because participants from governments, development agencies and civil society organizations are meeting to analyse progress and identify obstacles to improving harmonization and alignment. “We need to continuously learn and adapt. Now more than ever, it is important to think about where IHP+ is going,” said Paul Fife from the Norweigan Overseas Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

During the conference, participants will share their different perspectives on what has worked and what needs to change in order to accelerate progress. How can health aid delivery and implementation be more effective and achieve better results? What progress has been made in aligning behind one health plan and one health budget? How are country systems being used? Where is more or different action needed? It is hoped the outcomes of this meeting are some solutions and concrete proposals to improve coordination and policy coherence.

During the meeting participants will:

  • analyse progress
  • identify obstacles  and challenges
  • identify action needed for the next two years
  • agree future approaches to increase mutual accountability.

“The difference has to happen at country level. We are here to share our experiences, lessons and challenges so that we can find new ways to do our business and accelerate progress,” said Custodia Mandhlate, WHO Representative in Kenya.

Fourth IHP+ Country Health Sector Teams Meeting

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