14 décembre 2012

“IHP+ deserves full UK support. The international health partnership is growing; it is vital,"

“IHP+ deserves full UK support. The international health partnership is growing; it is vital, effective and delivering results. It is a true partnership with all countries engaging equally and there is positive lesson learning.” This was a key message from Jason Lane of the UK Department for International Development during day three of the IHP+ Country Health Sector Teams meeting.

Today’s meeting (13 December) provided a moment for partners to talk to each other about challenges and bottlenecks, make agreements and renew commitments to accelerate progress on health development effectiveness. The discussions were very much about engagement and lesson learning.

Partners spent time considering monitoring and evaluation approaches and agreeing appropriate indicators and next steps. The Busan Global Partnership will monitor development cooperation as a whole, but it also encourages sector-specific approaches. IHP+ has adapted this monitoring approach and indicators for the health sector. Partners discussed and agreed the principles of monitoring and evaluation in the health sector and the six issues to be monitored. The IHP+ Mutual Accountability Working Group will further refine the indicators based on recommendations from the meeting.
The outcomes of the discussions will be available soon.

A main concern of partners was how to turn the momentum that exists around IHP+ into real reform? How to improve coordination and get better results? How to overcome the bottlenecks? Partners discussed with each other and came up with some key recommendations. Governments urged development partners to keep their commitments and use country systems effectively. “Development agencies should not create parallels systems. If you do this you undermine our efforts in accountability and transparency. If you strengthen us, then we are all strengthened,” said Sorie Kamara from the Ministry of Health, Sierra Leone.

Partners recognised the significant contribution that CSOs make to the process. They agreed that governments and development partners should provide support so that CSOs can develop their capacity. Partners also mentioned the importance of communicating about health development effectiveness principles at all levels, so that there is no disconnect between country and global levels.

The IHP+ Fourth Country Health Sector Teams meeting is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, 11-14 December 2012.

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