20 mai 2016

Deadline passes

Signatories agree to transform IHP+

We are delighted to announce that all signatories concur with the Steering Committee’s recommendation to broaden the scope of IHP+.

The new IHP+, or 'UHC 2030' is expected to help improve coordination of health systems strengthening in support of Universal Heath Coverage (UHC); sustain advocacy for UHC; and also help ensure accountability for the achievement of UHC targets by 2030.

Following a letter from WHO and the World Bank, 19 May 2016 was the deadline for IHP+ signatories to express their support  for a revamped IHP+.  

Signatories’ responses

Some comments from signatories include: 

“We express our support for expanding the scope of the IHP+ towards a partnership for Universal Health Coverage 2030.”

“We support the proposed change in mandate for the IHP+, to more closely align the IHP+ with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its focus on strengthening health systems to support progress towards Universal UHC.”

“We look forward to the further development of the UHC 2030, in collaboration with countries, international organizations and other relevant stakeholders, so that this forum will be able to play significant and effective roles.”

Others emphasized the importance that IHP+ still carries on with its critical work on effective development cooperation in health. 

“We agree with the continuity of IHP+ within the context of UHC and the SDGs”.

“We would like to highlight our interest for maintaining the essence and particular benefits obtained from IHP+, particularly the strong local government ownership and leadership, strong support to national health strategies, and priority for using country procedures and systems: key aspects influencing the worthy results achieved. “

Please visit our new web page about the transformation of IHP+, to find out about most recent progress and next steps.

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