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As part of the fifth round of IHP+ Results monitoring of effective development cooperation in health, Guinea Bissau held a meeting with 16 key country stakeholders to discuss the results, demonstrate commitment and accountability and identify next steps. The meeting took place in Bissau on 4 November 2016 and included representatives from government, civil society and the private sector. 

Dr. Vany Moreira, director general of the Public Health Administration chaired the meeting with support from the National Institute of Public Health (INASA). Unfortunately no bilateral or multilateral partner was able to attend the meeting due to other engagements. However, the meeting had a good representation of civil society and the private sector. 

Dr. Vany Moreira expressed his satisfaction with the monitoring process and thanked all participating agencies for their valuable contributions. He also called on all participants to contribute to the final outputs and make commitments towards the recommendations.  

Stakeholders then participated actively in discussions and debates on the monitoring results and constructively exchanged their views and visions for the future. Several recommendations were made which are currently being developed into an action plan to further strengthen the IHP + mechanism in the country. This document and the forthcoming action plan will be shared with the development partners active in the country to get their commitment. 

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60% dos PDs participantes usam apenas indicadores do setor nacional de saúde para monitorar o seu apoio


0% dos PDs participantes confirmam a sua participação nos processos de responsabilização mútua

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Existe um plano governamental para aquisições nacionais e abastecimentos?


60% dos PDs participantes usam os sistemas nacionais de aquisições e abastecimentos

60% dos PDs participantes confirmam a existência de apoio suficiente para o reforço e capacitação dos sistemas de aquisições ou abastecimentos.

60% dos PD (FM, UE, OMS) usam os sistemas nacionais mas confirmem que existem ainda muitos desafios.

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